Female breadwinners means frustrated husbands

Women earning more than men

27th July: When wives earn more than their husbands, it leads to anger and frustration.

True, from being empowered husbands to becoming a stay at home husband is quite unacceptable. And this becomes a source of tension in a marriage.

Women are increasingly earning higher than their spouse. And by doing so, they are, inadvertently, building havoc in their married lives.

Househusbands versus female breadwinners—It is not uncommon now days to see men taking on the responsibilities of household while their wives don the role of being the sole breadwinners. This could be due to evaporation of jobs following recession or layoffs by firms. The reason could be any.

And it is quite common to see that accepting the role of being a househusband is damaging and deflating for a male’s ego.

<blockquote>What makes the situation for men more worst is the shame of being labeled as stay-at-home dad who is responsible for taking care of the kids while doing all sorts of household chores from cleaning to cooking. </blockquote>

Women earning more than menHelpful strategies for making the situation amicable—Let’s see how to handle such awkward situations to keep the marriage happy and intact—

  • The SAHD(Stay at home husband) might find the idea of his wife being the breadwinner, but, recognizing and accepting the fact that such feelings of frustration are natural can help in making things more easier.
  •  We must acknowledge that times have changed a lot. Now days, both men and women share equal responsibility to earn for supporting their family. So, there is nothing wrong in taking up the role of a househusband while the wife takes up a job in an office. There should be nothing disgraceful in it.
  • Marriage may be on the rocks in case women outearn their husbands. But, the wisdom lies in understanding that there is nothing wrong in it.  In fact, if both the husband and the wife talk about the issue. Being open about the problem will help in making both the husband and the wife more comfortable. After all, both are making their own respective contributions to the family. And if the problem does not seem to come to any solution, then it is good to seek the guidance of any professional.