Financial Insecurities and Stress in Married Life


marriage money

The most common way partners in marriage can give way to stress in life because of financial reasons is the lack of ability to control thoughts about money and the fear that they will be on the road as a result of the lack of it. Historically, there have been very few cases that can be documented as such. The stress is mainly from the fear of abandonment because of poverty which is pretty much not on the surface of conversations involving.

The stress as a result of the feeling of financial inadequacy is caused by our inability to process the fears analytically and rationally that are often at odds with how the brain is naturally wired to act in instances of panic and fright. Money is always a cause for worry and there are really no defence mechanisms in the brain that can cope up with an idea to produce more money. Fear of the ghost can be countered by banishing the idea that they do not really exist but one cannot wish away the existence of money.

Finances will take the shape of constant negative stress when either of the partners worries about how the other will take it and, additionally, about someone else’s views in the family and among relatives. Spenders will always find themselves into such tough situations without knowing how to bail out of them.

A fair step would always be sit down with one’s partner and have a frank discussion about the way respective families have dealt with money crisis in the past. Past experiences give the confidence that every financial difficulty can be dealt with an honest approach. Once this initial step has been taken it stops impacting the present situational crisis and the stress gets eased out in considerable measure.

It is always a good idea to brainstorm ideas that give solutions addressing both partners’ comfort level in dealing with earning and spending money in current position and in the future. It is important to note that the whole process of handling stress require constant negotiation as minor differences in ways of handling financial crisis are bound to come up in different ways.

Lastly, it is important to remember that marriage was for stating together and financial crisis should not be a reason for that institution to become the centre stage of all marital differences. This is so because there isn’t a right way or a wrong way of handling financial crisis. It is responsible behavior for partners in marriage to keep money related issues out of the emotional quadrant and keep the issue of solving the problem in the realm of practical crisis solving capability. This thought provides a sense of power and domination over the compulsive fears that push the stress echelon to life destroying levels.