Financial security – a key to a happy marriage


financial security- a key to a happy mariageMarriage is an important event in anybody’s life. But about half of marriages end in divorce in some countries.

Among the various issues which cause conflict in marriage relationships, one of the most common factors is financial crisis.

Essence of a happy marriage:

A successful marriage presupposes that both the partners have to work hard to continue to stay together. In a marriage two people desire to walk the same walk forever, and build a happy relationship and family.

The essential requirements of a happy marriage are love, respect and last but not the least – money. When poverty knocks at the door, love often disappears.

Importance of financial security in a marriage:

Love is not enough for the success of any relationship. It is also true in case of a marriage. If financial insecurity prevails, the relationship comes to an end.

It is not wise to marry before attaining financial security. It is very important to be financially secure prior to entering a marriage. If you are not financially secured, it is a bad idea to marry. One should not to rush into marriage before taking the time to settle down financially.

Role of finance in a marriage:

Finance plays a major role in a married life. Money is needed to provide a quality life for family.  That is why people work.  The style in which we spend affects our way of life. Money is really an important part of any relation.

Though money is not the centre of life, but at times it is a burden. Financial success denotes making good choices for the rest of your life.

The integrity of a building or house is judged from the strength of its walls and pillars, which supports the whole building. In the like manner, the foundation of a family depends upon its financial condition.

If the foundation is a weak one, the whole structure collapses. If the financial condition of a family is not sound, the happiness of its members fades away.

Finance is the pillar of success of a happy marriage:

Of the essential elements of a happy marriage, finance plays a major role. A foundation is a place to start to construct. A strong foundation can give rise of a well built structure.  A foundation should be determined before building the structure.

A good and dependable foundation ensures the safety, security and tenure of the structure that is built upon it. No construction can stand without a pillar and foundation.

Once a good foundation is built, the new construction and its tenure will be determined from it. In other words to make a happy marriage, sound finance is absolutely necessary.