Find out if your girlfriend is a marriage material

Girlfriend a marriage material or not
Girlfriend a marriage material or not

Have you been dating her for a long time? And now is the time when you think both of you should get married? But, you are not sure about it?

If you have these questions in mind in spite of dating a girl for a considerable period of time now, then you must read the following lines.

Check out the following signs about your existing relationship before you convert it into a “marital cord”:

  • Does she show a rapid swing in her mood? If she is one of those kinds who shows a rapid swing of mood, and this rapidity means almost every minute there is a change in her mood then you better be careful.
  • Does she let you down in front of others? If she does then save yourself from becoming her man, or else get prepared to be humiliated and compromise on your respect every now and then.
  • Do you feel uncomfortable sharing your mind with her? Then what is the point in marrying someone, if you are not comfortable about fearlessly sharing your thoughts with the person.
  • Does she bank upon your money more often than she should? Find out if the motive to be with you is the monetary assistance you are providing her, tomorrow it may turn out to be a burden for you.
  • Does she seem to be psychologically disturbed? If so then marry her only if you are ready to bear her extremes.
  • Does she hide things from you? Introspect if these are such information which may affect your relationship in future otherwise, every relationship may have some secrets.
  • Does she respond to your physical needs when you desire? If not, then you may land up waiting for her to get into the mood every night, and might land up staying “unsatisfied” in the wait of a “lovely mood” from her end.
  • Does she shore off in times of difficulty? Then there is probably no point carrying on with a person who will leave you exactly at the time when you need her most.
  • Does she hold no dream for future? Every person has some dream associated with either the professional life or career. If you notice that she is not one of those kinds then think twice before entering into marital cord, because you might land up having a life without any dreams to fulfil.
  • Does she pay enough respect to you? If she doesn’t then it would be difficult for her to respect your relationship too. And event eh emotions you may hold for her would also to carry much of importance to her.

Dating around and getting married are two different aspects, the former has is largely based on day dreams whereas the latter is always banked upon hard realities of life. So, even if you have been roaming around with the thought of marrying your date, if you find her to be a misfit then there is no harm in waiting for “Miss Right” rather than heading for a disaster.