Get prepared to handle post-wedding blues

Post wedding blues
Post wedding blues
Post wedding blues

Getting married is a dream which many wait for eagerly. There are a lot many preparations which are needed to be done while getting married. This preparation is not always in terms of finances or otherwise, but, it involves a lot of emotional plans too.

The day when you get married, is certainly one of the important ones to you, and when it gets over, you may land up feeling sad and dull.

What makes you feel dull?

You have been into a lot of planning all this while, you kept preparing a list of invitees, thinking about menu, you’re dressing up and a series of small and big things related to marriage. Now, that it is over, you are actually “jobless” because there is apparently no preparation needed, at least not the ones where you need someone else’s help. This is the time when you set into a blue mood and might feel depressed too.

How can you handle the “blue mood”?

You can try out following tips to handle your blue mood:

  • Immediately after marriage when you have no plans to make and no preparation to do, you can always take it as a relaxing time. Let your hair down and give yourself a little breather for working so hard for the past couple of days. In fact, you can always observe it as a vacation.
  • The time and space which you have now can be converted into a quality time which should be devoted to know your spouse better than before. Don’t forget that no matter how long have you both known each other, this is a fresh beginning of your relationship when you have been recognized socially and legally as couples.
  • Instead of thinking too much about the past or the future enjoys the present and make sure that you make the most of it.
  • Even if you down have to plan for guests, you can always plan to organize your house and make little plans for your relationship.
  • You can concentrate on focusing your spouse and the bond rather than feeling redundant.

What if you are not able to handle the blues?

If you don’t handle your blues, then it will soon be reflected on your relationship and the quality of the saw would get affected.  Your depression will kill the joy of getting married and even the excitement which your partner may still be holding upon.

Feeling low and sad immediately after marriage is not unheard of, one can work wonders with the silence which prevails after wedding day. Someone failing to do so may land up exposing the relationship to the threat of being misunderstood by the other partner. The dullness can always be converted to excitement if you can think positively and if you consider the beginning of another important plan and era in life than taking it as the end of all your work. Make sure any dull feeling dos not give a wrong signal to your partner.