Handling an Emotionally Abusive Spouse

Abusive Spouse
Abusive Spouse

One can never state that “abuse” is a weapon used by the underprivileged section of the society because they do not have any affluence of education and polish.

This is a weapon which is used by the most developed society and their dwellers to harm or hurt a person or to belittle him or her.

Many of us have come across a spouse who is in the habit of posing threat emotionally and causing pain to the spouse.

However, neither taking it up quietly nor giving up completely is the correct solutions. Some of the measures which may help you to handle such a “defective personality” which may help you to at least counter the pressure coming from such a person.

The best policy is to ignore such a person

When you first realize that your spouse has initiated the habit of abusing you then, observe for a few days and then ignore the person. If you take his words seriously, you would be damaging your own peace.

Set a limit for yourself

Never allow yourself to drag the abuse for a long time and set a limit to tolerate the atrocities. If you go on tolerating the same in the name of saving the relationship, you may land up being a bundle of “pain”.

Set a limit for your abusive partner

In fact, you must let your partner know that beyond a point you are not going to accept his or her abuse. (S) He should know his limits even while the person is not in his senses.

Keep your personality intact

Amid all this, make sure that you don’t lose your real self. This is very important for protecting your self-esteem and in case you have to start a new life, you actually need to compose yourself.

Take help of a Counsellor

When you are not able to handle the situation on your own, you can always consult a Counsellor who can guide you through this rough phase.

In spite of adopting all these measures, if you still realize that nothing seems to be stopping your spouse from being erratic, you can think of coming out of it. After all, you have only one life which has to be lived well. If not many but you deserve a few basic happiness from life. Protecting your self-esteem and protecting your emotions are only the basic needs of your life.