Handling Emotional issues during Golden Phase of Life

Emotional issues during golden age
Emotional issues during golden age

Many might be of the opinion that those who are in the golden era of life need little assistance to handle their emotional issues. And this is owed to the experience they hold for life.

However, in spite of seeing life through rough and smooth phases one might still need a support in terms of emotions to handle their own issues.

The cropping issues during golden years:

  • Health: The first and foremost matter of worry could be the health. With age, the “body machine” gets used up and starts deteriorating and hence there could be quite a few minor and major health issues. The matter of concern is the “ill feeling” and the continuous visit to the doctors which can irritate a person. He or she might not like the frequent visit to the medical places.
  • Loss of spouse: in the golden phase many people may have lost their spouses and hence might be living alone. They say that, it is this period when you need a companion the most and if one has to be devoid of a partner at this stage then it could be painful.
  • Feeling of dependence: No matter how strong one has been throughout his or her life, but, in this phase, one might need an assistance even to carry on with the daily chores. It could be killing for someone who has been supporting others to take support from somebody to live life.
  • Depression: there is a general depression which sets in with age and this could be due to the feeling of inadequacy or not being able to manage everything on the own.

The remedy

  • Getting examined regularly:  To be on the safe side, it is always better to go for regular check-up so that there is no hidden ailment troubling you later in a magnified way.
  • Club: You can think of joining a club so that you can combat your loneliness and can spend time being with people.
  • Family time: Depending upon the availability you can think of having a definite “family time” on weekends so that you can be in touch with them.
  • Joining an NGO: You can think of being a part of any NGO or Voluntary group so that you can spend your time constructively. And this will help you to live with the feeling of continents for the positive contributions you would be making to the mankind.
  • Taking a Counsellor’s help: You may visit a counsellor for helping you to cope up with the possible depression or any other emotional disturbance coming your way.

Golden Phase is certainly not a curse, rather a period when you need to relax and for this it is very important that you feel happy and content about your life. Instead of thinking about the losses the wiser approach is to think about the gains of life. There could be no one with only pains so count upon the achievements and not the failures for being happy.