Handling the Issues of Inter-racial Marriage

Inter Racial Marriage
Inter Racial Marriage

Inter-racial marriage is the most challenging experience in the world of marriage. The differences are wide apart between the two people who get tied into a knot. They do not only differ in their cultural orientation, but also differ in all walks of life.

Once when you decide to enter such a marriage, you have taken a bold rather the boldest decision of your life. Here from starts the story of adjustments and a “smart handling” of affairs from both the spouses.

Pressure coming from the society

The first and foremost pressure comes from the people around who seem to be more in problem because of interracial marriage than the trouble of their own lives.

Unfortunately they start discussing your challenges in their own way and also make comments which sooner or later reach you. They fulfil their wish of hurting you but it depends upon you, to handle the same.

Handling the external pressure

See, when you decided to marry this person of another race, who looks absolutely different from you, eats and probably dresses up differently, you never seek anyone’s opinion and there was no need of seeking one.

Now, when you get to hear comments about your partner’s looks or any other hurtful comment, then try to ignore it first.

Later, if you feel that people have not taken your message of ignorance then go and speak to them straight and ask them their problem in life.

DO not attempt to hurt them because hatred would invite another round of hatred, try and sort out the matter peacefully.

Handling the internal pressure

Being human beings, it is quite natural to feel the difference with lapse of time. It is a challenge on your part to ensure that no “ill or dirty” feelings crop up at your end.

Respect the opinions, rituals and culture of your spouse as much as you do for your own one. Never allow the feeling of “me” dominate that of “us”.

There is no marriage which does not seek sacrifices and mature handling. Yours is only a slight different one as it involves two people belonging to two different parts of the world. The issues can be resolved with farsightedness and observance of your spouse as any other individual who is more near and dear to you than anyone else on this earth.