Have you ever reflected upon the reasons behind disharmony in your marriage?

Marital Disharmony
Marital Disharmony
Marital Disharmony

There are couples suffering from the pain of disharmony in their relationship, however, there are not a large number of them who reflect upon the reasons behind the same.

Marital disharmony and its types

When the two individuals who are supposed to be tied in a marital bond do not gel well and have frictions in day to day life between the two of them then it is largely regarded as “marital disharmony”.

A relationship may suffer from various kinds of marital disharmony:

  • Emotional disharmony: When there is immense stress and strain at personal level you will find people not having a harmonious relationship with their spouses. In such cases people suffer from lack of trust, lack of emotional bond and even sensitivity to a large extent. It could also be due to difference in background and upbringing which greatly affects the personality of a person.
  • Financial Disharmony: This arises when there is a sudden financial crisis in life. Someone who has a certain kind of lifestyle would find it difficult to adjust with the constraints which could mean a change in living style.
  • Physical disharmony: it could be due to a lack of emotional attachment. It could also be due a disorder or disease or critical illness for a prolonged period in life.

Remedial Measures

  • The bottom of every issue is a lack of communication between two people who are supposed to be transparent. Therefore, a smart couple would always take time out to communicate it he arc other when they see the problem aggravating and things going wrong between them.
  • When there is financial disharmony, one must again learn to adjust to the changes in life. There will be ups and downs and the happiness lies in accepting things rather than rowing against them. After all, it is the same partner who would have given a lot of comfort when he or she earned well, now that it is a lean period one needs to cooperate rather than cribbing.
  • In case there is lack of physical intimacy between couples, and if either the person himself or herself is able to gauge the problem or if it is detected by the partner, then the first step is to move to a physician. This important even when an individual is suffering from some kind illness or disorder.
  • Along with everything else, one must also consult a counsellor to seek help for an insight.

The stress and strain in the current lifestyle is the e major reason behind marital disharmony. There is a lack of tolerance which is growing in the society making the relationships more vulnerable. Amid all this, a couple who wants to save upon his marriage needs to reflect back and introspect the reason for things not moving on the track. Once identified, remedial measures could be adopted which would help them to revive the bond. After all there is no fun in losing a relationship; the challenge is retaining it back in life.