How are the grown up children affected by Parental Infidelity?

Disturbed Child
Disturbed Child

Infidelity is devastating for anyone who faces it. It is always associated with destruction in most of the cases. Nothing can be more painful for a partner who has been honest than to face an infidelity in the relationship.

The effects can be more devastating if you have a child who is growing up. For children parents and the relationship between them is the most ideal of all the relationships and facts on this earth. They grow up seeing and following their parents and their acts. This is precisely the reason why children are like their parents, heredity and adaptation both play a role here.

The impacts could be

  • When a child who is growing up sees that one of his parents is not honest towards them, he starts negotiating with the meaning of “honesty”. In this case the faltering parent loses his right to teach him any kind of values to the child. In fact, the child gets confused about the “value education” he was imparted by this faltering parent all these years.
  • He also gets disturbed about the parent who is not at fault and has been honest throughout. He starts developing a hatred for the other parent and displays a lot of sympathy and pain for the parent not at fault.
  • Very quietly he may get rebellious and develop anger and resentment which has every chance to become a part of his personality.
  • He may distrust people and any such relationship which is based on emotional ethic more than anything else.
  • As he faces a non-congenial environment at home, he may find it difficult to adjust in the outside world making him a misfit everywhere in spite of being excellent at many others activates.
  • The child himself will find it difficult to accept and adjust with his own partner when he grows as the trailing memories would keep haunting him for quite some time unless he is counseled and helped to come out of it. Else he might get over caring and possessive about his own relationships when he gets into one.

Overall the child’s social parameters would be quite low and he would suffer from low self-esteem, distrust and get negative about most of the things and people around him.