How handling your ego can help to avoid a break up?


How handling your ego can help to avoid a break up?Does the spark seem to fade away from your married life? Does the bond that used to bind you together against all odds seem to be lost? After so many years of staying together do you feel it is high time to save your failing marriage?

If you are having a hard time with your spouse recently, do not give up so easily. Know how to save your relation. Surround yourself with good ideas and try to focus on the relation.

Is your ego coming in between both of you?

Many people are not aware of their ego. They are unaware of the demarcation between their self-esteem and ego. Ego is an idea of who you are. It is often an image that one has of himself in his mind. This image might be incorrect but one prefers to save that image. As a result they want themselves to be at the centre of attraction and do not listen to the other person. This creates a difference in the marital relation.

How ego affects the relation between couples?

We often use our ego in our everyday life. We work from a sense of self-esteem. One should understand where to use ego and where to refrain from using it in his daily behavior.

Many relationships come to an end as the partners fail to adjust with one another. In many cases, it is the ego which destroys the relationship. Couples do not compromise with their ego and do not accept their own fault. Such an attitude leads to a breakup.

As ego is a major issue in a married relationship, it is better to know how to tame your ego in order to save a relationship.

How to handle your ego ?

Controlling your ego is not so easy. You can try to handle your ego by following these following simple steps:

1.       Notice how you feel in your body – When you love someone, learn how you feel. This is more important than anything in your life. Give your feeling the priority. Learn how to become aware of your feelings every moment you live.

2.       Try to identify the root of your ego – It is generally some past experience which hurts you and you try to avoid the past experience through the ego. Perhaps your feelings were ignored in your childhood and now you hold yourself away from the rest of the world. Identify such causes and try to handle them so that they do not come in the way of your married life.

So if you want to avoid divorce and save your marriage stop blaming your spouse and try to control your ego after identifying your mistakes. This can help you to save your precious married relation.