How relationships affect your health?


hapy relationBoth scientists and therapists agree that personal relationships have immense effect on your health among other factors like your personal emotions. Personal connections have a direct effect on your health conditions. Doing anything you can do to get your relationship moving on the right track can do wonder to both mental as well as physical conditions of your near ones. Touch is a vital part of our existence. Studies show the importance of caring touch helps in brain development. These benefits continue even after your childhood. Life without contacts can be lonely indeed.

How relation helps a person to survive? A strong and close relationship can be a good support in your life. Healthy relationships improve many aspects of your life like your health, mind and your relations with others. If the relationship is not going on well, it can also put you into deep trouble touching both your mind and body. The more you invest in a relation, the more you get rewarded. Keeping a healthy relationship can make you improve your health along with your mind.

1.       Relation helps to fight against cancer – Studies on oncology reveal that marriage helps to improve physical conditions of a patient suffering from cancer. The survival rates increase. Married men and women are less likely to die due to cancer as found during studies, no matter how advanced it is. The reason is not very clear, but researchers say that having someone to take care for you can help you to survive against fatal diseases. It is also found that socially isolated women are more prone to die due to breast cancer than those women having close relations.

2.       Socialization helps to stay away from physical disability – Studies indicate that most social people are less likely to become physically disabled against their less social counterparts.

3.       Strong social ties help you to live longer – Deep social connections can help to increase rate of survival by about 50%. Someone who has connections with a social group feels the responsibility for others and it makes him take good care of him and avoiding risks.

4.       Relations can help you lose weight – Some studies say that women gain weight after their marriage. But a relation can influence weight in a positive way. People with friends having lower body weight are less likely to gain weight. Being surrounded with people having healthy habits can help you to motivate yourself to exercise and maintain a healthy diet which in turn reduces your obesity.

5.       A healthy marriage decreases chances of heart problem – A study shows that marriage can help to reduce risk factors affecting heart such as hypertension, diabetes, etc. It says that having spent years of continuous marriage helps to decrease many cardiovascular risks thus protects against many kinds of heart diseases.