How to make your marriage happy?


happy marriageAre you frustrated by your spouse who fails to give what you want? Do you often wonder why your married life is so boring?

You are not the only person to feel that . In fact, your marriage belongs to the majority. One out of three marriages ends in divorce as per statistics.  A long-lasting marriage requires caring, sharing, love and affection. The following tips can become the secrets of a happy marriage:

1.       Communicate well If you spouse is poor in communication, speak  openly with him or her. This will help you in making a strong marriage. Develop your skills as they would enhance your marital happiness.

2.       Respect your spouse Small gestures can make a lot of difference.  If you want your marriage to be long-lasting, respect each other.  Using some kind words can be of great help. Do not take your spouse for granted. Make your spouse understand your message and accommodate him or her.

3.       Financial issues We handle financial issues in the same way as others do and often consider it as the best way. But experts say that you should try out new ways too. Share the financial burden of your spouse.

4.       Divorce is not a solution – In a marriage where abuse is prevalent, divorce can be an option. But in other cases divorce should be removed from the mind. This will help to diminish arguments. When you remove the pressure, you will get rid of many of the disagreements too.

5.       Be humorous – Share a joke with your spouse. Any joke which makes both of you laugh together can make a huge difference in your mood. But remember do not allow your spouse to get offended.

6.       Do not expect more than you can give – Love your spouse exactly as he or she is. Be sure your partner feels the same. Do not expect more than you can give. Some couples do not realize this until they break up. It is better start realizing it now.

7.       Become a good listener – Try and focus on ” listening”.  This may help you get out of some conflicts in an easy manner.

8.       Identify issues Learn how to identify issues and try to solve them. Stick to staying together, even though many things seem to go wrong.

9.       Be supportive – A happy marriage which lasts for long involves knowing your partner and supporting him or her. Every negative thing you do, there should be positive things balancing the negative ones.

10.   Give your marriage the priority – Give priority to your marriage over everything else. Give your partner the priority in your life over the requirements of others. Show your love and affection for your spouse.