If Your Partner Cheated His Ex; Are You Sure, He Won’t Cheat You?


Cheating has become a sort of trend in romantic relationships. Tedium sets in, or he has simply found someone who is better at keeping him entertained than you are. The point is, guys get bored easily and their roving eyes will help them find a replacement sooner than you think. Though as a woman you would like to keep your father, brother and husband excluded but the fact remains that “Each one is inclusive in the world of Infidelity.”

cheating in relationshipMany a time two people get involved in a relationship, where the guy has just walked out on his ex to be with you. Can you be sure that he will not do an encore with you?  Truth is, you can never be totally sure.

Cheating on their partner for someone more attractive is actually a natural tendency for men. In today’s day and age where relationships fizzle out after one argument or scuffle, men are more likely to be on the prowl to search for a new muse to settle with.

But not all men cheat because they want to. Sometimes, it the woman they are with that drives them to the wall, pushing them to break free and move away. To blame each and every man’s cheating antics on his character’s DNA is absolutely inappropriate.

Let’s face it. Women are emotional. They like to invest emotions and feelings into the relationships, while the men have only begun to piece the fun element together. Women like to be emotional, and men prefer to be practical.

Men want to have a good time while all women crave is for a good relationship. There’s a stark difference what the two parties want, and that’s when go hunting for another paradise.

If you don’t want your cheating boyfriend t repeat his cheating antics on you, then your best bet would be to remain practical, easy-going and not impose yourself too much. We all love our spaces very much, in case of men, they love theirs a tad too much. They need to be left alone, in the company of the guys, or watch the football game airing on TV.

You give your guy the space he wants, he will give you the time and affection you need from him. It’s so simple, really.

Not all men are frivolous to go chick-hunting to cheat on the girlfriends. Your guy must really love and adore you, alright. But that gives you no rights to invade his comfort-zone and make it your own.