Insensitivity towards wife may drift the marriage apart

Wife in Pain
Wife in Pain

Are you sensitive towards the need and feelings of your wife? Do you understand her or even make an attempt to do so? Are you aware of her thought process? Are you supportive towards her?

A man has to answer these questions and introspect the answers he has.

Yes, mostly it is seen that a marriage falls apart when the woman in the relationship exhausts all her energy, patience and tolerance. Probably she is the key holder of a marital cord.

What are situations when a marital relationship falls apart?

You are not sensitive towards your spouse

When you think she is fine with the way things are. She might look normal superficially but she may actually not be. Amid your busy schedule you forgot to evaluate her needs and you thought that a gift or a few outings are enough for the relationship to get carried on.

You are too occupied with yourself

Your meetings, your plans, your success and all yours have kept you too aloof from her. You could never behave like a husband, rather have been playing the man who is probably meeting all his ends but missing the most important one like the marital cord.

You never respected her as an individual

You loved her; you valued her but forgot to respect her as an infidel who has her own thought process. She has her own identity which has been ignored by you since when no one knows.

You abused her

When you get short tempered, you don’t mind abusing her and taking out your frustrations on her. Later you may have said sorry and must have repeated the same error again.

You have been taking her for granted

You never asked for her opinion for small or big decisions of your life. You thought she is okay with everything you decide. You took her wishes, her desire for granted; in fact you took her as an individual for granted.

All this while, she quietly kept waiting for a recognition coming from you, she kept waiting for you to give her the use importance and she kept waiting for you to hold her equal to yourself.

When her wait fails miserable she loses trust in the relationship and gets intolerant about everything coming her. This is the time when she decides to walk away and break all the strings which had tied her to this marital relationship.