Is the financial knot tying you back with your ex?

Financial knot with your ex
Financial knot with your ex
Financial knot with your ex

Are you through with a relationship? And yet you are having keep terms with your ex?

This must be quite painful when you have come out of a bond and you are least interested in keeping any terms with your ex.

Generally when people are into a relationship they prepare long term plans and start making investments and saving money together.

The knot that holds you back

When both of you were there in the relationship, you may have planned to live rest of your life together. Consequently, you may develop joint assets, and must have planned joint savings. Now, if you want to break it up it might not be possible technically, rather it might involve a series of technical problems. So you prefer leaving the financial aspect the way it is.

But, the dark side is, even if you down want to interact with this person again, you may have to be in touch with each other unless you are prepared to take up a big monetary loss. There might be savings and investments which force you to consult each other and see each other’s face in spite of unwillingness from both of you.

The drawbacks of continuing with the term

You broke off because you could not tolerate this person in life. You never wanted to see this person again. But, you are almost forced to get in contact for confirming something or the other.

You are planning to move ahead in life, but, your old knots are still trailing you.

Even if you have looked for someone, but that new person is not able to trust you because he or she finds you to be in touch with the old one, and this is something no one is going to tolerate. So, the financial touch is not only bothering you emotionally but also shadows an impact on your new life.

The possible solution

When you plan to break up your ties with your old association, you should always do it with planning. You can consult a financial adviser and separate from your partner in a structured manner. Instead of making a rash decision you can always give it some time and work under a certain plan. Make sure that your financial aspect is taken care of in a manner that does not lead to any financial loss for you and also gives you no scope to interact with your ex-partner.

Financial planning is a matter to be dealt with a lot of care and thought. When you make investments you must do so keeping the worst phase of life and relationship in mind. Today if things are sweet, no one can guarantee them to be the same even tomorrow. So, the wise thing is to keep the future in mind before making any financial planning. After all no one would like to interact with the person who does not deem to be fit any more in life.