Is vulnerability a weakness or strength to a marital relationship?


Vulnerability in MarriageA relationship runs around a lot many dynamics and a marital bond has many more of them to run successfully. Vulnerability being a main factor affecting the success of a marital bond, to many it remains a weakness. There are many other who strongly believe that this is certainly strength to a marriage. Experts believe that a relationship which is vulnerable is actually strong from within because it keeps the two people tied together for a longer time than otherwise.

Vulnerability as weakness

For some, if you or your partner is vulnerable, you will have a tendency of sharing and disclosing everything to your partner. In the process there would nothing be as “very personal” as your life would be an open book to your spouse.

If you to come think of it, analyse and evaluate if it is wrong to share everything with your spouse. The answer will be no, after there are marriages which lead to divorce because one partner kept hiding a reality from the other for quite some time. And when the loved one gets to know about any of the secrets which could affect the relationship then it leads to disasters and distrust.

Vulnerability as strength

When you face difficult times in your relationship and you pay a visit to a counsellor, the foremost suggestion you receive from him or her is to be transparent and vulnerable to your spouse. And this is because a relationship like marriage needs soft gloves and not harsh treatment.

If you are transparent with your partner and you make sure that he or she becomes your biggest weakness without whom you cannot even think of staying alive it will add to your bond. When your partner understands this, it will only send a strong message that you are deeply in love with the person. And who does not want to be loved and wanted.

Vulnerability as a risk

Some say that vulnerability is always a risk to your personality, but, a person falling in love with someone is also taking a big risk. When you initiate a relationship you don’t know the longevity of the same, you don’t know if your partner will love you the same way and you don’t know the future of it. So, even if being vulnerable is a risk, you should not mind it because it only makes your relationship soft and sweet. And you don’t mind taking any such risk which strengthens your marital bond.

It would be far away from truth to say that a relationship which is vulnerable is full of flaws, because right and wrong in a bond can only be decided by the two individuals associated in it. If they are comfortable being so, and it gives a freshness to the life of the bond then they would certainly not mind being so. There can never be a strong statement made for or against a thought when it comes to a relationship, because it is purely personal.