Is your Spouse depressed?

Lonely or depressed spouse

13th February: Are you living with a depressed or a lonely spouse?

If yes, then it could be an emotional pain for you as well as your spouse. After all, it’s a fact that it’s the love of both the husband and the wife that is needs for helping the relationship stay happy and alive.

Reasons behind depression of spouse–Well, the sadness, depression or loneliness being felt by your spouse could be due to one or several reasons. And one of the major factors could be difficulties being experienced in your married relationship.

Lonely or depressed spouse
Lonely or depressed spouse

Remember, an unhappy marriage could prove to be a big risk for development of depression in a spouse. And this could also include marital disputes or marital discords between the husband and the wife.

Some causes of spousal sadness

  • Unhealthy marital relationship
  • Lack of or less marital communication
  • Lack of affection in a married relationship
  • Poor marital friendship
  • Loneliness in a married relationship
  • Selfish spouse
  • No or poor support form spouse(emotional support)
  • No trust/faith in spouse or in your relationship
  • Materialism
  • Unhappiness in work
  • Sad or depressed spouse
  • Worried spouse
  • Financial worries
  • Conflicts with spouse, parents or siblings
  • Conflicts with kids
  • Divorce or separation of parents

Apart from the above causes, there may be other causes behind spouse loneliness or spouse depression.

Dealing with a depressed/lonely spouse—Lets see here how can one deal with a depressed or a lonely spouse for bringing the marriage on the track.

  • Take care of yourself—Focus on keeping yourself balanced to help you stay sane and going. Get good sleep, eat well, relax, pamper yourself and do what you love to reduce obstacles of living with a depressed spouse.
  • Love and support—Its your love and your support that can do wonders for helping your spouse get out of depression. So, don’t hesitate to shower love and affection on your spouse. It will help in making your relationship strong, healthy and happy.
  • Encouragement —Encourage your spouse to pursue hobbies, activities or games(sports) that he or she was fond of earlier(prior to becoming depressed).
  • Help spouse stay physically active — You can always help your spouse get physically active. Ask your spouse for joining a gym. You can also plan for going to walks together or exercising to help him or her becoming physically active.
  • Laugh—Laughing is a greatest medicine. So, help your depressed or lonely spouse using laughter therapy. This could be sharing jokes, watching comedy videos or enjoying funny messages.