Jumping into a New Relationship? Think of your Kids


14th October: Here we will be discussing some common relationship issues and its affect on you children.

So, let us find out these issues in detail.

Relationship IssuesDivorced and and seeing someone new—Are you a divorcee mom and seeing some person for a couple of months now? After a few months of dating, you discover that he talks dirty to just anyone, especially to young or middle aged females.

There could be many people who indulge in such behavior. If you are also dating such a person and feel worried as to how will it affect your children? Then, read on to know more.

What should you do now? Should you risk dating someone with such habits? Is the person worth your faith and trust? Well, the truth is bitter but it’s a clear no in this case. Your dating partner does suffer from some quirky sex-related behavior. He must take some behavior changing therapy to improve.

Molested by a close relative, depressed?—In yet another relationship issue, we are considering the case of a 17 year old girl whose mother is in a troubled relationship with her partner. The girl is beaten by her stepfather and she decides to move away. However, she does not want to hurt her mother who herself is a victim of her partner. What can she do now and how?

Let us discuss here in detail.

Solution—There is a 24-hour free national helpline for getting help immediately. You can relate your confidential story without any fear to trained personnel. They will refer you to places offering safe accommodation, clothing, food, job training help, legal services and medical care etc.

You can begin with National Youth Crisis Hotline. This national service hotline is meant to provide services to young people suffering from depression, suicidal tendencies, abuse, chemical dependence etc.

This organization also helps and supports children. You can always contact such hotline service in your concerned area and seek aid for moving into a women’s shelter or any other permanent housing. You will be provided with all the necessary services you need.

If you feel afraid of your stepfather, then just make sure you do so when he is away. Confide into your mother from any phone that cannot be traced by your stepfather. You can discuss your safety plans on any hotline, women’s services agency or such shelter.