Kim Kardashian throws a new controversy

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

31 year old Kim Kardashian, a reality TV star found herself into a controversy after her statement to The Guardian .In that interview to The Guardian she gave her statement regarding her 72 days marriage which was aired on television and stated the fact that telecasting her marriage was a joint decision made by her and Kris Humphires,  an American professional basketball player whom she got married on 20th August,2011. On October 31st 2011,it was announced from Kim Kardashian that the marriage is off.

Addressing to The Guardian she mentioned that she had experienced a lot from her broken marriage with Kris Humphires. She gave her statement about all rumors regarding her wedding and clarified that she wasn’t pressurized by anyone regarding televising it. She also made remarks on her 72 days marriage and all mess which took place.

The Controversy

In an interview made to “The Guardian” she shared her experience where she spoke to a girl who is fighting with cancer and how two of them exchanged there experiences.

She told that they were discussing how difficult time this is for her, being 18 year old she is fighting cancer .The girl who is suffering from cancer told her that during this hard phase of life she realized who are her real friends and well-wisher and she shared her experience that how attitude of people around her changed when she was diagnosed cancer.

She told Kim Kardashian how she got inspiration from her show and found the fighting spirit to change the unwanted situation which was making her unhappy. Kim Kardashian related her with the situation in the context that during hardship time you come to know who are your real friends and well-wishers. But this was completely taken with wrong spirit by media.

Media slammed her for comparing her dissolution of marriage to the situation of a young cancer fighter. Media turned this interview into gossip n it was all over sites and news.

The Defensive mechanism        

Defending herself she clarified that in no circumstances she was comparing her with that cancer patient who is fighting battle in emotional as well as physical level. Her words are been twisted and misunderstood.

Kim Kardashian said she understand what a cancer patient’s family go through as she lost her father  Robert Kardashian who was a throat cancer patient and told media that her grandmother is cancer patient survival so she can understand the pain of a family. She completely denied the gossip and stated it as misconstrued.