Knox reveals about her guilt on the murder case

Knox during trial
Knox during trial
Knox during trial

In a recent verdict Knox has been re-convicted for killing her room-mate Meredith Kercher. She along with her Italian boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito was convicted for murdering Kercher way back in 2007.

Accusation against Lumumba

When she was caught by the police, she had said that her former boss Lumumba had killed Kercher and she had heard him doing so. After this lodging this statement the police had kept Lumumba in custody for a fortnight.

Immediately after naming Patrick Lumumba, she had started weeping and had started believing that Lumumba was the one who killed her friend.

For making a false allegation on him, she was given an additional sentence of three years.

Knox confesses her mistake of mis-identifying Lumumba, a bar owner at the scene of murder, because of which he was convicted for two weeks. She admitted that it was all due to stress that she misquoted things.

The verdict

According to the latest verdict Raffaele Sollecito has to stay in prison for 26 years and Knox has to spend 28 and half years in the prison.

Reaction after the verdict

Amanda Knox feels “stranded” and “trapped” after hearing to the verdict.  She has spent four years in jail along with her boyfriend. After being arrested in 2007, they were convicted in 2009.

After the verdict, Knox returned to University of Washington where she received huge support from classmates, but she feels desperate.

She expresses her gratefulness towards her University, for taking a stance in spite of the trials going on, and she is equally delighted to see the support from her fellow mates.

She feels that the re-convicted has actually invaded her life.

The course of verdict

In 2011 the convictions against Knox and Sollecito were dismissed, but in a fresh order from the honorbale Supreme Court of Italy, retrial was asked to begin.

The verdict has made Knox feel that she is isolated, which she is not ready to accept easily as her fight continues.

Things are worse for Sollecito

Sollecito lives with the danger of being sent back to prison which is quite devastating for him. Sollecito has returned back to Italy, his home and Knox remains at US. However he does not seem to be angry with the fact that both of them are in two different places, away from each other.

The future plan

Knox and Sollecito plan to appeal against the verdict. There are no reasons cited by Florence court for reinstating the convictions and can remain silent over the issue for another 90 days from the day of verdict issued.

The above mentioned murder cases and the associated story is a matter of committing blunder and then feeling sorry about the same. However, the acceptance of mistake by Knox is nothing but a sign of realization. The gesture coming from university and the fellow mates of Knox is yet another example and effort to give a chance to a miscreant so that he or she can be a part of the society once again.