Lifelong with an infidel spouse– Should you?

Infidelity by a spouse

17th August: After knowing about your partner’s infidelity, is it okay to live lifelong with such a spouse?

Infidelity results in divorce– Let’s acknowledge it that infidelity is almost impossible to deal with especially when you come to know about it. But the worst is when the truth comes before the whole world. It’s not only degrading and unbearable, but nothing short of a catastrophe on your self-esteem.

In such a case, the only choice you  might have is divorce. And it appears to be a final decision.

Choosing to stay with an infidel spouse? – Reasons--However, the fact (in many cases) is that one may still decide to live lifelong with a spouse whose infidelity has Infidelity by a spousesurfaced on the ground. There might be varied reasons behind a decision to keep staying in a relationship with an infidel spouse (whether it’s an infidel husband or an infidel wife).

  • For the well being of children—Many stay away from taking a step towards divorce even after discovering their spouse’ infidelity just because of their kids. They don’t want their kids to suffer, for any reasons.
  • Forgive and forget—And there are some who have a forgiving nature. So, they let go the infidelity of their spouse and keep their marriage from falling apart.
  • Religious reasons–Even now days, marriage is considered to be as a sacred union arranged by God. So, some may choose to keep living with an infidel spouse for religious reasons.

Choosing to stay with an infidel spouse–Certain issues—Now the question that often comes to many minds is–Can marriage after the infidelity survive? To get an answer, we need to accept that marriage is based on the pillars of love, faith and trust. And infidelity renders a big blow to this relationship.

Hence, it calls for some commitment on the part of the cheating spouse. This includes –.

  • A promise not to be unfaithful ever;
  • Provide details of  his or her whereabouts every day to the spouse;
  • Couple counseling for assisting the couple for rebuilding the marriage;
  • Focus on emotional and physical re-build of the ‘cheated on’ spouse.