Making a pledge to fight against domestic violence

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an issue which is prevalent even in the modern society where women are supposed to be much better off than what they used to be years back.

In the present era when women can earn as much as a man does, she is independent and confident there is still a large section of them who has to pass through a “patience test” every now and then.

Occurrence of domestic violence

When you talk about domestic violence, it may come in various forms. It could be “verbal” when someone gets abusive, it could be “silent” when a woman is marginalized and is not recognized for the efforts she makes. It could be a “physical torture” when a man does not even thinks twice before raising his hand on a woman.

And if someone says that this kind of violence is common with families belonging to “low income group” then, many would strongly disagree. There are highly educated families undergoing this “dirty experience”. There are people belonging to the most elite section of the society, living an expensive lifestyle yet, abusing their wives in and out without even giving it a second thought.

Common reasons for domestic violence

  • Most of the men who are abusive live with the thought that they are the best and they have a strong authority to even beat up their wives.
  • They get a sense of being superior and also feed their ego by dominating a woman who is dependent on them in some way or the other.
  • They have no other source to establish their “male ego” and the only person who can tolerate their unethical act is the woman around them, so they don’t want to miss it.

Common impacts of domestic violence

  • The woman who undergoes this act becomes docile and timid.
  • Apart from losing self-confidence she loses faith in herself and even life too.
  • She starts feeling scared of everything she does.
  • If the marriage has children and they see their mother undergoing this pain, even the children also become deformed personality.
  • Such children may develop hatred for men and for that matter a marriage.
  • These children also suffer from personality disorders.

The need of pledge

The modern society needs to take a pledge in order to prevent such a sin in the society. There is an urgent requirement of responsible bodies and agencies coming up with programs which support women to fight against this evil. Such programs need a strong support from government so that they can survive better and longer. Even women need to be educated and made independent so that she can feel confident to make a decision to come out of any such dirty relationship.

Domestic Violence is an evil which misbalances a family and in turn the society. There is a victim and a culprit and both need to be dealt with an n adequate approach. There has to be a support for the victim and a punishment for the guilty to curb this issue.