Making an effort to forgive the unforgivable

Being cheated by the partner
Being cheated by the partner

Are you deeply hurt by the person you trusted the most? And is this person none other than your spouse? Did you trust your spouse more than yourself?If yes, then you have a strong reason to distrust and hate the persona and you may tend to be distrusting the whole world.

This is nothing abnormal when you deeply love a person, you are passionate about him or she and you land being cheated.

Now, even if you come out of the relationship, the memories would not leave you anywhere you go, they keep trailing you and are somewhere there in your surroundings. But, it is important to come out of it and start a normal life.

There could be following tips which may help you to come out of the horrifying memories:

  • Realize that you’re an individual: When we trust our loved one, we don’t set any limit to it. We go beyond all possible human limits and get passionate about him or her. In turn when we are cheated we tend to be losing our own identity. But, think back for a while and understand  that before the relationship existed you were there, and even after it has ended you are there so give yourself a little “importance” and try and live for yourself.
  • Forgiveness could be a reliever: yes, if not for the other person, but for you it surely would be. Make sure, that you forgive only when you are prepared to, else it would be a meaningless task if you continue being in pain even after forgiving the person. Your forgiveness is real and meaningful only when it gives you some amount of relief.
  • Do not try too hard: When you are trying to compose yourself, never try too hard for anything around you. It could include your effort of forgetting the pain, it could be about forgiving the person, whatever it may be, and otherwise instead of improving you will see deterioration in your state.
  • Past is past: Past had given you a painful and horrifying experience, now it’s over so you have no reason to live in the same. Very sincerely, you have to come out of it so that you can start life afresh.

Anyone who is cheated by the person he or she trusts the most could be in tremendous pain but there is nothing that brings life to an end. Hence, life has to continue.