Manage your temper for a happier married life

A person with bad temper
A person with bad temper

When you see a happy couple, you will wonder the reason of their success, which sometimes is not visible. When you see things with the help of a lens you will realize that the key is nothing great rather small and simple things which a smart pair would maintain.

Sometimes you buy expensive gifts, take your spouse out for dinner, plan expensive holidays and yet you don’t get peace and intimate amongst yourselves. The reason could be simple and straight provided you want to introspect.

The manifestation of your behavior in day to day chore probably is the biggest cause for you being happy or unhappy. Out of many attributes which might look insignificant to many one could be “temper”.

There are people who are short tempered and once if they lose their temper for even small things they will end up making a mess of the day or the immediate mood.

They can get angry for small things like placing the towel in the right spot, putting the comb back in place and many other small things. When they get angry they forget everything else but the anger. They may go to the extent of abusing their spouse for small issues wrecking up older and graver issues.

The other partner, who has been tolerating the same for quite some time, may burst up one fine day leading to even greater devastation than expected.

The result of “short temper” is always destruction and the retaliation of a “bad temper” is an even greater devastation.

Such a temper leads to instability in your relationship as your partner can never trust your mood. He or she will always live with you with an unpredicted swing. He would always behave cautiously as he wants to avoid any kind of conflict which he fears may lead to your bad temper. You cannot expect your partner to be in his or her normal self. If it is so can you really expect true love and natural feelings from your loved one?

Look for an answer and then think if you want a secured and happy partner who is ready to share every feeling or you want your partner to hide everything away from you due to your “short temper?”

You can your marriage even happier by asking a few questions to yourself and looking for their answers by introspection. Short temper is always destructive by nature and can ruin a relationship in spite of deep love between couples.