Marital discord affects entire family

Problems of marital discord
Problems of marital discord

When you see a disturbed child in school who displays various behavioural problems, a teacher generally wonders about the reason. You may find him hitting his peers, snatching things away from him or he may either be absolutely quiet, silent and aloof.

When these problems are probed and a reason is hunted for, one gets to know that child is disturbed not because of the school environment but because the atmosphere at home is non-congenial.

The impact of marital discord

Yes, that’s the impact of “marital discord” between two spouses. The disturbances between two people who are tied together do not only uproot their lives, but, also throw a major disturbance at the relationships which exist around this one.

And it may include the children, the parents of the spouses, the siblings and event he friends who are quite close to both the spouses.

Anyone who is closely associated with you mentally will be largely affected by your state at marriage front.

The kind of disturbances it creates

  • The people around you, who really care for you, feel happy at your happiness and they are sure to get pains when they see you in pain. When you are undergoing a painful situation in life wherein your marriage is at stake and you are not at peace then you can well imagine their condition.
  • Your stress puts the children under deep stress, after all they are a tender stage when they are not mature enough to see their parents “not liking” each other, in fact, hating each other.
  • The distance created between the two of you outs them through a situation wherein they don’t who is right and who is wrong and whom are they supposed to support.
  • An environment filled with gloomy silence affects the personality of the children through a type which makes them non-communicative individuals.
  • The children lack the basic happiness in life because their family front is disturbed.
  • They miss upon the enjoyments which they deserve for every achievement they come up with or they want as a part of their growing years.
  • You may be giving them everything required for them, but, they need the love from both the parents and they are certainly not getting that.
  • Your parents and siblings who are directly disturbed to see you unhappy can never live a calm and content life as they keep thinking about you largely.
  • Your friends avoid coming to your place in the fear of being a part of your “gloomy and unhappy” environment of the house.


Marital cord is a kind of cancer, which does not get restricted to one person in particular only, but, it affects everyone who is associated with the person in pain. It always has a multifarious effect and can bring the lives of many to a standstill. The worst affected are the kids who are directly attached to a couple. Unfortunately, they miss upon a normal upbringing in life.