Marital Transgression- a common feature in celebrity world


The day you get married and you are announced to be the “lady and the man” a series of “oath and promises begin”. And to maintain the integrity of marriage one has to keep up to these till the last day of life. However, there is a slight change in the definition and now it has become, till the time your marriage lasts.

Why the change in definition

The change is required in today’s scenario when most of the marriages do not have a long life. People may refer to various causes like “growth of intolerance, maladjustment, and ego” and many more but, breaking the “law of marriage” can probably be a front running reason.

The occurrence of marital transgression

Looking at the percentage one cannot deny this fact that marital transgression has spread like a disease in the modern society. However, this percentage is quite high when you analyse the celebrity marriages. In most of the celebrity relationships, you would find it to be a common feature that a marriage mostly ends due to either of the spouses getting into a relationship beyond the marital chord.

The causes behind high percentage of marital transgression amongst celebrities

It is though difficult to pin point a particular reason for the high occurrence, yet some of the reasons are mentioned below:

  • Change of mind: It seems that celebrities get up in the morning and suddenly realize that their “likes and dislikes” have changed. Many a times they get into a relationship which is based on a momentary decision.
  • Pleasure before pride: Probably the pleasure they get out of a new relationship puts them away from realizing the “brighter aspects” of the old one. And hence, they don’t mind changing their partners or spouses even if they have to pay a huge cost, both emotionally and economically.
  • More than required options: A celebrity certainly has more exposure to people of different kind than a common man. He or she meets people of various types and it is no big task to fall for one of them, even if they are into a pre-existing relationship.
  • Busy schedule: The schedule which most of the celebrities have, does not allow them to spend time with their spouses or family for that matter. As a result the bond which they would have otherwise shared with them tends to get weaker than the rest of us. Consequently, getting into a new boon is quite easy.

As a conclusion we can always say that there is no definite rule that a celebrity would get into “infidelity” and be distrustful to his wife, because, there are many of them who have a long history of marital relationship. But, looking at the percentage and frequency of “transgression” it is easy to comment that the life style of the celebrities contributes majorly to such events. In spite of these events being painful for the celebrity and the people around, the high occurrence is only a matter to be viewed but not to be altered.