Marrying a widower may lead to many social adjustments

Marrying a widower
Marrying a widower

Marriage always brings in a package of adjustments. These are more when one marries a “divorcee or a widower”. In fact it is seen that the marriage with a widower is more difficult than divorcee.

When you marry a widower never forget the following tips

  • Be prepared that you’re going to be compared with the late wife of your husband. When you’re dressing up, doing up the home, cooking something for the family, taking care of household work or anything else you pick up you will be compared with the previous wife of your husband. Ignore it and move ahead, does what you think is right without anyone’s sentiment, listen to your heart and be sure that you’re not doing anything wrong.
  • When you will try to come closer to husband, for everything you do or he does he was sure to miss and in way compare the last person. This is true even while making love, he will miss and compare, but you have to understand his psychology rather than getting upset or feeling hurt. He has been staying with that person for quite some time in his life and he is used to her ways so your husband will take some time to come out of it and accept you from all corners although he has married you only after loving you.
  • Children will throw tantrums and might not accept you that readily, give them some time to accept you as they have lost their mother and it is equally difficult for them to see a person in their mother’s place. Be patient with them and go on meeting up your responsibilities with a sincere hope that things will turn around.
  • You can think of developing a relationship with the family and friends of the late person so that they don’t go away from you. Gradually they will accept you if your efforts are moving in the right direction.
  • Never allow anyone to compare you or make you feel like a refugee to the family or even to your husband’s life. Know your rights well and meet your responsibilities perfectly.

Marrying a widower and making it a success is an art of understanding and handling psychologies. The entire set of people in the family where you have come, have lost their pillar in the form of wife or mother or daughter. Hence, you have to give them some time and hold your patience. With your deeds be confident that you will win their hearts without giving up prematurely.