Men also found to be victims of domestic violence


Men also found to be victims of domestic violenceToday men are also found to be victims of domestic abuse. Domestic violence is not always a woman’s issue. There are men who do not admit that a woman is abusing them as it hurts their ego. They also have the idea that if they declare being beaten up by their wives, people might laugh at them. But fact remains that men do not lag behind in becoming victims of domestic abuse.

Reasons behind men suffering from domestic abuse:

Some men do not wish to be violent, whatever might be the situation. Some men in spite of having the physical ability to hurt the offender have moral values stating that women should not be hurt.

Normally male victims are not taken seriously. The society expects that a woman is always the victim and the male cannot be so. Women are not physically stronger compared to males, as such when a man is hurt, a woman is not usually accused. Thus the chances of a woman offender being arrested are very low.

In modern societies it is not a man’s nature to seek help and doing so might appear to be a disability on the part of the man. There remains a stigma of being less of a man if he is abused by his wife. But the suffering of men should be taken seriously. The necessary support and help should be made available to them whenever it is required. Domestic violence should be treated regardless of gender.

Rate of domestic abuse against men on the hike:

Today more married men are suffering from domestic abuse from their wives. Presently women are approaching towards men’s world. They are earning at equal rates compared to their male colleagues. They are also competing with men in alcohol consumption.

Domestic violence against men is on the hike. Some women are found to control and humiliate their male partners. For these reasons men often experience panic and pain in an abusive relationship.

Effects of domestic violence against men:

The effects of domestic abuse upon a male victim are almost same as that upon a woman. Men are also likely to feel ashamed, tensed, shocked, with the feeling of loss of self-esteem. They often feel isolated and confused. Some men feel discouraged from meeting relatives and friends.

Many male victims feel less of a man for being victims of domestic abuse. They have the feeling that they should have possessed the ability to prevent the abuse.

How can a man overcome domestic abuse?

If a man is being abused in a relationship, he should not feel alone. He should remember that he is not the only one to experience this kind of abuse. They should not be confused or tensed.

There are people who can offer help and advice. One should check out the help lines. One may even ask for help from a counselor.