Mistakes that can make your Divorce Expensive

Mistakes while divorcing
Mistakes while divorcing

When you are all set to divorce your spouse and come out of a difficult marriage, then many a times you tend to be losing your cool. And in the process, you land up making mistakes which can prove to be quite expensive both in terms of economy and emotions too.

Here are a few mistakes which could be expensive for you:

  • Saying yes to everything proposed: As because you are in hurry to come out of the relationship, so you say “yes” to buy peace and come out of the whole affair as soon as possible.
  • Not hiring the right kind of lawyer: When you are emotionally disturbed, you may land up hiring a lawyer who is either not available for most of the times or not interested in your case too much or has little skills to represent your case. In the presence of all the three, you would realize that your case has a “Weak” footing and you may have to give up many things which you could have retained back otherwise.
  • Not making a list of all the assets: you trusted your spouse and your lawyer so very much that never even tried looking at the list of asset carefully. Months or years later when you stabilize, you may realize your mistake and regret for not being careful.
  • Not negotiating about 401k and pension: As because, you did not read the rules personally, and you were told that the two mentioned funds are not negotiable, so you’re simply given up. Now you have to come know from a rein of yours that you could have got a big share out of it.
  • Hasty decision: Things had just started going wrong between the two of you, and you concluded that the relationship would not continue any longer. But, later you understand that probably “he or she” was the right choice for you and you should have given some more time to the relationship.
  • Not consulting an expert: you never took the initiative of consulting a psychologist or counsellor and thought of holding a “good understanding” about the issues in your marriage.
  • Never thought about the children: you thought of yourself to be sufficient for your children, but, now, you miss your spouse’s contribution both emotional and financially while bringing them up.
  • Not clearing the doubts on “Child custody”: You assumed that your husband will provide adequate support to your children’s raising but, as because things have not been made official so he is getting away from the responsibility. And you are the one who is facing the brunt solely.

Summary: Making the decision of moving out a relationship like “Marriage” needs a lot of considerations because the process is a legal one. If you miss upon any of the important aspects, you may land up paying a heavy price for the same. So, be careful and ensure that you don’t carry a financial baggage after your divorce.