Misunderstanding- an important cause of marriage dissolution

Misunderstanding in a couple
Misunderstanding in a couple
Misunderstanding in a couple

Marriage is a dynamic relationship which revolves around various factors. The success of this relationship is largely based upon these factors and a sound an intelligent handling of any issue coming your way. When you are not able to handle the person and the issues in a marriage it leads to a break up.

A few of the common causes behind the breakup of a marriage are: infidelity, misunderstanding, lack of communication, ego, finances and the list could be even longer.

Misunderstanding as an important cause of marriage break up

A survey was made by an eminent agency in Kenya which reported that 70% of the marital bonds were dissolved due to “infidelity”.

However, “misunderstanding” ranked the second in the list of causes. It was revealed in the study that more than 20% of the cases of divorce were led only after the couples misunderstood each other.

The factors leading to misunderstanding

Misunderstanding does not begin in a day rather it is a slow process. And there are certain factors responsible for the same:

  • Communication gap: When you rarely communicate with your partner or don’t communicate at all then it initiates misunderstanding.
  • Assumption: You assume things instead of talking straight in case of a doubt or a query. And this assumption of yours makes you jump to a conclusion even without verifying the facts and figures.
  • Ego: Your ego does not allow you to look into your partner’s perspective. All you are busy with is the “the thought” which you have grown in your mind.
  • Preconceived notion: You don’t want to make an analysis after holding a discussion with your spouse; rather you sit with a preconceived notion which is always against the person.

The efforts that can save your relationship

“Understanding” before you miss the bus is an utmost requirement. The moment you realize that you are only holding a “one sided conclusion”, you must check yourself and get back to your partner for an open communication either verbally or in written form.

Do not let ego or any such evil dominate your relationship. After all, it is the same person whom you married for you loved him or she, so brining in ego will only spoil things.

You must give a fair chance to your partner before you draw conclusions. Every person has his or her own justification for the steps he or she takes in life. Your partner deserves a better treatment and a more conducive environment to open up.

Being misunderstood is hurting so one can always take the pledge of not misunderstanding a partner without allowing him to express his or her thoughts. Everyone has a right to make a clarification and especially your partner occupies an equal space in your life. That makes it even more mandatory to give a healthy platform to communicate. Smallest possible things can spoil your marriage so understand each other better by sharing a high degree of mutual trust and make sure that neither this trust s breached nor you do the same to your spouse.