Multi-Women Gurus—You are not Perfect!


Multi Women Gurus 15th May: Are you a man who does not fail to find faults in your wife, no matter how trivial these might be?

Well, you are among several husbands who have a habit of finding faults in their wives and leaving them for the other one.

Multi-women gurus—Are you a multi-women guru?

Yes? How?

Well, if you are finding faults in your wife for one reason or the other, and you have already left(or thinking of leaving her for someone whom you think is really beautiful or wise), then you are nothing but a multi-women guru.

Here is the clue as to what such men usually do. They feel their wife is not good for them simply because she cannot cook their favorite dish, she is too tall or not beautiful, or you cannot simply bear her for one reason or the other.

One peculiar characteristic of multi-women gurus(husbands) is that they need lame excuses to walk out of their relationships with women and they cannot live with one woman.

What men want?—Now, we need to know what really motivates men to such behavior? And what do the men want? Especially what do they expect or want from women? What are their desires(to be put in simpler words)?

All men want ‘a good wife’(as they say). But, now the question is if they want a ‘good wife’, then why do they behave in such a manner? Why are many of them promiscuous? What is the reason behind cheating their wives?

Every man needs to understand that he is not the owner of his spouse. And marrying a woman does not mean she becomes the man’s servant. It’s a relationship which requires love and faith of each other. If a man acts wisely, he can help in making the marriage a happy relationship. After all, it is a communion of two souls, not just two bodies.

He is not perfect but neither are you—Men are not perfect and so is the case with women. So, if a man cannot be perfect, he has no right to expect that his wife should be perfect. Hence, both the men (and the women) need to know and accept that the two of them will not be perfect ever.

And if this the truth, then all the couples need to accept that any relationship survives and thrives on the foundations of truth, love and sincerity towards each other. Only then does a good marriage exists.