Nagging… A Curse to a Happy Home


Nagging refers to asking someone to do something repeatedly– this is famously known as a “Women Thing”. Recently numerous men have complained of having a ‘nagging wife’ on a survey. Not many of them know that most of the time it’s her mental state which makes her do this act. They mostly become a nagger when they feel they are not given importance or taken for granted.

But there are few women who love monopolizing their families which make them a nagger! Such women are narcissistic; they only want to fulfill their wishes.They place where caring stops nagging start there!

It takes place when there is,

– Lack of communication skill,

– Lack of equity, unclear expectations,

– And hidden agendas.

Ill effects of nagging:

Nagging after an epoch has only ill effect on the home environment. It affects starts with killing peace of mind of the spouse; annihilating spouse peace is the worst thing one can do. Few husbands get so distressed about their nagging wife that they don’t return home soon after office hour to avoid the nag.

Nagging hurts the manly ego because they feel the women are undermining their personality due to which they either get alienated or seek for another relationship. It burns the relation which ends up with a divorce!

Nagging is a Diabolical Circle!!

When a wife keep on nagging the husband mostly start avoiding her emotionally, mentally and physically. Which gets her back to stage one as this is what a wife doesn’t want!!

Nagging turn’s home from happy home to doleful home…

Nagging continuously cause effects not only on the partners but other family member too. The home starts giving out negative energy. The entire family tends to face mentally constrain and they be in angst all the time.

An end note

Extrication of love happens because of the nagging of one member in the house. A wife may lose respect and love from not only her husband but from other family members too. This behavior would make her isolated from her near and dear ones as they all will start avoiding or hating her for her behavior! These patterns are not out of the world. The same has been seen within our own families, social groups, friends and the like. It is not a new problem. All that is new about nagging wives remain the need for a fresh attitude and new approach to help them overcome the peculiar trait and try and be a ideal homemaker and a lovable life partner!


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