Parental Stress, unhappy marital life do Affect Kids!

Stressed Marriage disturbs the child
Stressed Marriage disturbs the child
Stressed Marriage disturbs the child

A couple when reaches a position in life where their relationship is not a reason to be happy and hence stressed always they should be sure enough to spoil the childhood of their kids too.

Yes, many a times it may be true that a couple who do not share a healthy relationship amongst themselves is not able to fill the childhood of their kids with happiness.

Stress and unhappiness affect the person themselves

If a couple is stressed and unhappy with the partnership, they will never be able to get a content feeling. There would always be a vacuum and emptiness within them leading to a kind of personality which is disturbed.

Such people are rarely able to shield off their disturbed mental state from their professional lives or even from their own children.

Children get affected

Even though the intentions are all good, but, a parent who himself or herself is not very happy with their marital bond would not be able to ensure a happy childhood for their progenies.

The adverse effects are notified in simple things like having food together or not having it together, taking a small trip to a nearby place on a weekend and many such things which are mandatory for a happy and healthy growth of children.

An example

There is a note from the school for meeting the teacher on a given day. As because the two spouses are not in talking terms, so the one who has received the note first would not know what to respond.

Finally they arrive for the meeting and start talking to the teacher. When asked about the child they fail to give a concrete answer and all his is because there is a lack of communication between the two.

The adverse impacts on the child

  • It could impact the mental health of the child because he is growing up in a strained environment.
  • The child may lack the ability to interact and perform in a group he lacks confidence and is not secured about most of the things around him.
  • He may suffer physically because he may not be able to take is meals properly, even though he does, there is sense of pain always he carries with himself.
  • He may always be fearful about losing any of the two parents because he understands the consequence of “stress” between the two of them.
  • He may not be able to trust a relationship in future and may face adjustment issues with his own spouse or partner when grows up to be an adult.

Stress and unhappiness between two parents are quite big reasons for a child to grow out to be a deformed personality. These could work as deterrent in rendering him a happy and healthy environment to grow confidently. Parents need to be aware of such issues so that they can handle them with care and ensure to a large extent that the child is not affected by the same.