How to Prevent a Divorce from Ruining Your Finances

Section 498 A

You must be aware of the section 498-A that lays the foundation of divorce in many cases. Many men in India have been harassed through this act so far.

Table of Contents

Prevention of Divorce. 1

Reasons for Divorce. 2

Misuse of IPC 498-A. 3

Prevention of Divorce

It can be defined as a mutual understanding or a termination of the marriage between of the couple according to the legal procedure of the respective nation. In other words, an official termination of this contract of marriage between the two parties i.e. husband and wife is said to be divorce.

Reasons for Divorce

The numbers of cases has visibly been increased with time, which in recent decade has been increased to 13 divorce cases in 1,000. Although every nation is witnessing increasing rate of divorce, the increase in rate of divorce in India specifically in certain cities including Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi is comparatively higher as compared to others. In this regard, it is observed that the reasons divorces were mostly late marriages, financial and psychological freedom of women along with influence of families. Considering the Indian context, another important and common reasons for divorces in India is marriage against the wishes of parties, which further influences misuse of IPC 498-A.

Section 498 A Divorce

Misuse of IPC 498-A

It has been evident that women are aware of the law, which will help them during family problems and other cases relating to married life. This legislation has been structured to protect women from the domestic violence and provide them better life, which nowadays often utilized in unethical manner. Based on the ground of IPC 498-A, a woman can approach police or media in order to file a complaint against her husband in case of domestic violence, whereas this particular section has been found to misuse to attain individual targets such as financial support.

Thus, based on this kind of situation, it can easily be stated that the numbers of divorce can be reduced through several activities such as discussion, mutual understanding and supporting the partners among others. To avoid it, the partners can spend more time with each others, which can help them to understand the problems faced by other party and concentrate to solve the same as well. In this case, the contribution of third parties also may help to prevent it.

For instance, the elders in the family can also discuss with the couple to help them in resolving their issues and encourage them to not apply divorce.  Apart from this, the partners can also consider mutual understanding such as accepting certain condition of both the parties to follow, which can help them to continue the marriage without performing divorce.