Radical Transparency can revive your relationship

Radical Transparency in a relationship
Radical Transparency in a relationship

Most of the couples start feeling a gloomy silence in their relationship in due course of time. This silence is resultant to buried expressions which were never shared or revealed to the partner. However, there are times in the initial days of life when you share every possible happening of your life with your loved one.

As you get married and start staying together you slowly get complacent and reluctant to lighten up your relationship. More than a bond it becomes a knot which keeps getting complicated with time. This is detrimental and a slow poison to your happiness.

With time you get occupied with children, your career and other small and big issues in life. Calling up customer care executive of your mobile service provider takes priority over calling up your spouse to find out if she has had her lunch or not.

Amid all this you forget the beautiful relationship which is only based on emotions, trust, love and respect. Gradually, the distances get wider and wider leaving you with a lonely feeling in spite of being into a relationship. Both the partners get non-available to each other.

There is a way out to help you avoid this disruption. You can always track the things back with a little effort and a real conscious effort. All you have to do is maintain a radical transparency. This is one approach which covers all possible attributes for refreshing the relationship.

The first step to radical transparency would be “availability”. As a sincere partner you have to be available to your loved one not only physically but also emotionally and provide him with  undivided attention. Your complete availability will generate confidence in your partner and he or she will be able to express himself comfortably.

When your partner expresses his thoughts which may include his hard feelings too, make sure you are non-judgemental and non-defensive. A patient listening will turn things around. Understand what he wants to say and appreciate and then act accordingly.

Express yourself with positivity and do not make the conversation scope a battlefield. With careful placement of words you can make your point without hurting your partner.

Plan out the future leaving behind the past where both of you might have gone wrong in keeping things to yourself rather than sharing them.

Radical transparency demands a lot of patience, trust and non-judgemental attitude to revive a beautiful relationship like marriage.