Red Signals in a Relation


If you wish to point out some red signals and warning signs which often appear when you are involved with someone in a relationship the following will be of a great help.

There are some problematic features and behaviors which are indicators of future frustrations and disappointments.

Recognizing red signals does not always mean that you should immediately reject the person and opt for other options.

It can be a wise decision to do so, but it might be wise to address the problem too .It is better to observe the capacity of the person, to communicate with him or her, criticize positively, and commit to change.

Turning a blind eye to the red signals is that they will haunt you again and again. You are going to be hurt though you could have saved yourself.

Some Red Signals:

The following are some of the red signals in a relationship.

1. Your partner has a dominating nature – Your partner always dominates the conversation. Your partner seems to be more interested in talking about him or her.
2. Your partner has an aggressive nature – Your partner always shows an aggressive attitude.
3. Egoistic nature – Your partner is always attached to his or her ego.

4. Uncompromising nature – Your partner is unwilling to say sorry to you for any reason whatsoever.
5. Self-centered attitude – He or she is more concerned about him or her than about you or has an uncompromising nature.
6. Is not empathetic – Your partner is lacking empathy.
7. Abuses you often – Any kind of abuse whether physical, or mental, abuse cannot be tolerated. It is neither healthy for you, nor it is safe. Make your well-being your top priority.
8. Always fails commitments – Your partner is failing in fulfilling the commitments made either to you or your kids.
9. Blames you continuously – Your partner often blames you for his or her own errors instead of learning from those mistakes.
10. Your partner is a lier – Your partner often tells lies and breaks promises.
11. You are being ignored – If he always ignores you, refuses to talk or is constantly distracted this indicates that your relationship is in the danger zone.
12. Accuses you on false grounds – Your partner often accuses you on grounds that are not cogent.

These red signals can also be used to study the nature of your present relationship, however lengthy it may be to determine whether it’s worthy of investing time and energy.