A Husband Should be a Soulmate and not Just a Roommate

Do you feel relaxed, cheerful and confident when your partner is around, If not, then your husband is just a room mate not a soul mate

Is Your Husband just a room mate that shares bed with you at Night? or you are lucky to have a Soul Mate?
Is Your Husband just a room mate that shares bed with you at Night? or you are lucky to have a Soul Mate?

Are you fortunate to be living with your soulmate? Is he your husband? Have you been able to live upto keeping the thin line between soulmate and roommate clear?

Is Your Husband just a room mate that shares bed with you at Night? or you are lucky to have a Soul Mate?

Relations connect two or more people and when it comes to lifelong relations, they are always difficult to manage and fun to be with. In fact, it is quite fortunate to find that one special partner whom you can spend rest of your life with.

You never know what life will bring in the times ahead but you have to make sure that your significant other stands with you in all ups and downs in life.  Communication, sharing love and trust makes your life easy especially for a woman, for whom it is a blessing to have a husband who is her soulmate i.e. she must be capable of seeing herself or a part of her in her husband.


With passage of time, most of the couples lose the true essence of being soulmates and start living their lives merely as roommates. When I say roommate, a stereotype definition may just have crossed your mind but here we are picking a complete different dimension.


We are talking about couples who share home, kids, beds, time, emotions and probably love too but still don’t feel connected to each other. You may have that support or lifelong companion but he might fail to bring the best of your spirit and your life.

When you start feeling that your husband is no more your soulmate then those unseen boundaries and bars unknowingly develop that work as silent poison in your relationship killing it day-by-day. As per few surveys, this is one of the most common problem, married couples are facing.

BOB MARLEY has aptly said “truth is…everybody is going to hurt you. You just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.”

Soulmate and roommate are definitely two different entities and when it is about your spouse then the thin line that lies between, needs to be given due importance for the relation to stay. But do we give this difference, the desired importance in our life? If you have reached that stage in your married life wherein your husband is just a roommate and not soul mate then it’s time to act.


So yes!  It’s time you scratch your head and think about it! Now is that time to think of having a thought about that perfect one in your life with whom you want to share your life. The couples need to realize the value of their relation and their respective partners.

Not everyone will just “fit” into your life so easily. It’s just that one person and we need to know his/her worth.


Do you feel relaxed when your partner is around? Some of you might be married to your soulmate and some of you, fortunate to be in a relation with that special one but in both the cases you need to ensure that you make them stay. You just cannot afford to let those partners go, with whom talking is your idea of relaxation and fun, sleeping with whom is more important than having sex, whose presence is the biggest treat for you and of course, the one who completes you. You never discuss your respective relation with friends or roommate but you do discuss love with your lover.

Therefore, the person who you feel complete with, the one you find yourself look up to in any situation, the one, losing whom is your worst nightmare, the person who can make you fall in love with again and again, the one who touches your soul and much more – never ever let that “one” go from your life.