Sealing the deal of marriage takes time as dating gets prolonged

Adults in a dating relationship
Adults in a dating relationship
Adults in a dating relationship

In the modern era, there are a lot of societal changes taking place all around. And especially the relationship between man and woman has undergone various changes in terms of composition.

Dating is quite common in today’s scenario; it starts with teenagers goes up to the old age too.

Dating in Adults

Generally when two adults date, it is assumed that they would be converting the same into a marital bond. There are adults who get into a date through some source or the other, because they want to settle down in life.

But, there is an emergence of a new concept these days. These adults who pick up a person for dating, may not be willing to get married that fast as people did till a couple of years back.

There are many examples when adults date for even a decade but don’t get tied into a marital knot. They prefer living together in some form or the other.

The fear of getting married

  • Fear of being unhappy: Society has experienced that till the time a couple dates, things are quite chirpy, but once they become spouses, the chirpiness goes away. Therefore dating couples prefer to be happy than to choose upon any reason to invite unhappiness.
  • Fear of losing independence: When you get married, legally and even otherwise a person is bound with a lot many obligations towards the spouse. Here, again there is a fear of losing independence because one may get overbearing at times and the room which could be available otherwise may get lost in due course.
  • Fear of maintaining a relationship: Marriage demands more commitment than a dating relationship. Therefore, couples find it more convenient to be in a bond which asks for less of commitment.
  • Fear of breakage: Many couples also learn from the cases around the way marriages break, the pain of undergoing divorce and the associated issues.

The advantage that a dating relationship gives

  • It allows “freedom” to an individual instead of being in an intense and serious relationship.
  • One enjoys the same togetherness and happiness of what he or she could have derived out of a marital relationship.
  • One can understand better over the period of time and hence evaluate well if the association gets converted to marriage it would work out or not.
  • Even if dissolving the bond is painful, at least one is saved from undergoing the tedious process of divorce wherein a person is drained out not only mentally and emotionally but economically too.

When adults get into a dating relationship they mostly do it with a lot of thought and planning. They are in an age where they can’t afford to play around with a person, but, they have to take things more seriously. When it comes to that, adults these days are more calculative and practical than they ever were. Hence, before driving the bond to a marriage they want to enjoy a dating relationship.