Seven Phrases to Avoid in a Relationship


21st April: Here are seven phrases you should never say in a relationship.

Let us see these in detail here now.

Seven Phrase to Avoid in a Relationship Seven phrases not to be used in a relationship—Whether you are married or in a long-term relationship, make sure not to use these ten phrases in a relationship. This has been suggested by marriage experts and therapists.

  • You never do the dishes—This is a common phrase used by many of us. As per a psychologist in Maryland, Samantha Rodman, we tend to use this phrase many times. She says the terms ‘always’ and ‘never’ need to be avoided.
  • You think of yourself as better than everyone else—Don’t put words or thoughts in your partner’s head. You cant know what other person is thinking or feeling. So, its advisable to keep your assumptions to yourself. Otherwise, such statements shall only aggravate your spouse.
  • You sound like your mom—Try and make sure to keep the focus on the issue at hand while arguing. Don’t indulge in comparisons to your in-laws as this is not fair. It will only lead to conflicts. Remember, its only considered to be a bad-spirited and unfair attack that is going to affect the ability of the couple to address the issue at hand.
  • You are a horrible lover, parent … “—Such negative phrases as ‘you are a horrible lover or parent’ are considered to be negative feelings about self-identities. They are devastating. The roles of a lover and a parent are really tender and vital. When we question such roles, it makes the other person completely down.
  • I don’t know him—‘I don’t know him. He is only someone I work with’. Such phrases are often used by us when we have a crush on someone during our marriage. The good thing is that you must neutralize the destructiveness of such a crush by acknowledging it to your partner. You need to be transparent about your feelings. It will lead to more openness with your partner and you will feel more comfortable.
  • Don’t feel that way—Some of us may be using this phrase for our partner. Remember there is no right or wrong way to feel. Feelings happen to be what they are. So, we must try to understand our partner’s feelings rather than dismissing what we don’t understand.
  • I hate when you do that—Well, don’t put your spouse down, especially in front of others. It’s a big no-no in a good relationship. It leads to lack of faith and leads to resentment.