Sharing and Resilience can help you bring back your relationship on track


Every relationship has a rough phase, wherein you find everything to be out of control and indeed they are. Nothing seems to be in place and you see everything moving away from the track.

However, instead of wracking brains on controlling others and to be more precise, your partner, it is always advisable to put efforts from your end.

The first step towards regaining the momentum is to ask yourself if you’re afraid of sharing your personal issues with even someone who is very close to you. If the answer is “Yes”, then sit back and think the probable causes.

  • If it is the “fear of judgement” which holds you back from sharing your issues then select a person whom you can confide in. This person should be the one who will be an active listener and a person who will not talk to you with a preconceived notion.
  • The other factor which may hold you back could be your “reputation” which you think could get tarnished if you let the world know about your stumbling relationship. Take it easy and understand one thing that there is no one who has never faced any problem related to his own relationship. There will always be difference of opinion, if two individuals get tied together and they live together.

Once you have overcome these major issues of sharing your problem, you can make an effort to look for solutions from people who are more experienced than you. They will probably suggest you to take the following steps:

  • Make conscious effort and even if your partner is not interested in reviving the whole affair, you should not lose hope and go on trying new things one after the other.
  • Be patient and wait for the day when things will take turn for good.
  • Make “Resilience” your approach for solving issues between you and your partner. There is no substitute for this, and in many lost hope cases it has worked wonders. It’s your turn now to set an example that resilience can revive things miraculously.
  • Make your partner feel that he or she is the most important person and you really care for this relationship.

With these small efforts and sharing your issues with a dear and near one, you can turn around things which will ensure a happy living for you and your partner.