Shield your child from divorce trauma

Traumatized child
Traumatized child
Traumatized child

A divorce in family always leaves a bitter taste, both for the parents and even for the kids. It may lead to devastation if not economically but emotionally, and the worst hit are the children.

The effects of divorce on children

  • A child may not trust either of the parents and even anyone else because he feels cheated by the parents for leaving him without one of them.
  • It may lead to long term emotional disorder in turn making him a less “social” child with an irritant nature.
  • He or she may find it difficult to accept their step parent and when they grow up they might be away from “marriage”.
  • When they become parents they get over protective towards their children too.

Your role as a parent

Prior intimation

As you plan out and initiate your divorce process you must keep your child in the loop. This will give him time to accept the break up and get composed.

Respecting the ideas

You must respect the ideas and opinions made by the child, even if they do not sound feasible to you. Your child in such a case would enjoy the importance you gave him.

Allow your child to meet the other parent

Never stop the child from talking or meeting the other parent, because you have taken a divorce not your child. This way even if he misses the parent at least he would be able to spend some quality time together.

Never talk ill

Make sure that you don’t take up an evil conversation with the child about your ex-partner. Always display respect for him or her. Make your child understand that you got away from your spouse because you could not stay with him anymore not because he or she is a bad person.

Take help of a Counselor

You can always move to a Counselor to seek advice on the given issue.

Take help of an Attorney

An attorney may help you design a method which will ensure correct amount of time the child spends with both the parents.

Organize joint meet

If you did not split up in a real dirty way, then you can always organize meetings wherein both you and your ex-spouse provide quality time to the kid.

Inform the school

The school and precisely your child’s teacher should be informed about the “divorce” your family is undergoing. This will help the teacher and in turn your child to handle the matter with a better understanding.

Getting divorces is a legal task but it leaves an emotional mark on the people associated with it. Apart from the two people moving away from each other, there are children who are placed at the axis of the whole affair. As they are in a growing age, their minds and hearts are quite tender. They require more than required support from both the parents to come over it and lead a healthy, normal life.