Should a crush be a good enough reason for coming out of an unhappy marriage?

Crush after marriage
Crush after marriage

When your marriage starts rocking, may be on the first instance you may not be able to comprehend the bitterness between the two of. Secondly, even if you realize the same, you may not want get vocal as surfacing the same would mean bringing up issues which may ask for an ultimate step.

So, the bets you think for the moment is to maintain silence superficially, which would at least defer the declaration of death of your relationship.

When you develop a crush for someone at this phase?

Under these circumstances, if you come across a new person in life, you may like him or her. In fact, you may also like somebody you have been known since long, but, you never discovered a “charm” for this person before.

As you go on liking this person, you may feel a lack of attraction for your own partner who is legally yours and vice versa.

How does the crush affect your marital relationship?

You keep getting attached to the person with time and the incompleteness of your own relationship will be even more painful. Your crush would be the last thing to help you save your relationship; rather you may get reluctant to even think of reviving things between you and your partner.

Should you think of coming out of the existing relationship merely based on the crush?

If you actually think rationally, you will surely agree that “crush” is sometimes temporary. Hence, making a haste decision only based on a temporary feeling should be the last decision coming from an experienced person.

However, if the “crush” takes the shape of a strong bond then you can surely think of converting it into a relationship. You have to think and understand if this is genuinely “love” or a stop gap arrangement. Sometimes when we are devoid of something important like love in our life, we may fall for anyone coming our way.

Make sure that the “crush” is actually large enough to get converted into an emotional bond which would last for quite long instead of giving you an instant relief.

Making a big decision like coming out of a marriage merely on the basis of “crush” would certainly not be advisable, unless the same has the potential of preparing the base of a strong and long relationship.