Should you consider forgiving your spouse’s infidelity?

Forgive your spouse's infidelity
Forgive your spouse's infidelity
Forgive your spouse’s infidelity

Relationships are dynamic in nature, and, especially when it comes to a marital one.

Yes, when you look into a “conjugal bond” you will see that it depends upon a lot many considerations, a lot many factors which actually govern the same.

While spending your life with your spouse you may come across many “speed breakers” which may actually put your relationship through a litmus test. “Infidelity” is supposedly a major such test.

What if you have come across your spouse’s affair?

You will certainly lose your temper because you feel cheated, you feel defeated and above all you feel lost. This is the person whom you trusted all your life and now you come to know that there is another person in his or her life. You maintained honesty from your end and expected the same from the other side but all you land up getting is “cheating”.

What are the factors you need to consider before making a decision on this matter?

  • You may have a child to be taken care of. In the absence of any one of you his or her upbringing will remain incomplete. So, you need to keep this in mind.
  • See the past track of your spouse. It is quite possible that the “affair” in your spouse’s life was only temporary and you are too sure about his or her feelings about you, because your spouse has been more than honest about you and the relationship.
  • The age and the maturity sometimes play a significant role in slipping up. There might be a case when your spouse just got carried away out of immaturity or maybe it was only situational. If so, then you can always try and forgive your partner.
  • If you find your spouse to be regretting about the mistake and not coming up with any justification or clarification then you can change your mind. If the regret is genuine and your spouse really cares for the family and wants to retain the relationship at any cost then there is no harm in giving it a try.

When should you not consider forgiving at all?

  • If you notice that in spite of being caught there is defiance and justification for your spouse did.
  • There is no regret for the act rather there is arrogance and the person has been untruthful to you even in the past, if not in terms of affair but otherwise.
  • If you think that the person neither cares for you, nor for the relationship and least for the family then can you make the decision you want to.

Being cheated upon in a marriage is quite painful and full of agony; however, there are certain acts which are circumstantial and momentary. If so, then you should not let the most important relationship of life get ruined for a small mistake made by somebody whom you adore and can pay any price to be with him or her.