Should you leave the House with your Baby?


leaving with a babyAre you having problem with your child’s father but it is difficult to decide as you love him so much?  Do you cry every time you realize that he is not treating you how you want to be treated? Does he do not want to be with you anymore and you do not know the reason behind it?

Well, the decision is not so easy to take. People wonder whether it is morally justified to leave their partner and move out with the child. The answer is not that simple.

Find out whether the house is habitable for your child:

First of all you have to find out whether the house suits your child. Whether it is in a bad condition having damaged roof and floor and broken articles or is it perfectly habitable?

You need to stay at a place which is safe and sanitary for the child. With broken articles and damaged roof and walls, it is not safe for both you and your child. This is the most important factor to consider. The baby’s father should accept this and if he does not do so, it is his fault.

You should move out for the health of your child. If your partner is really a good father he should understand this.

Moreover health includes mental health too. You have to keep in mind that the mental condition of your child will determine his future. So you have to keep him in an environment which suits his welfare and it should be your primary concern.

Is your relation working well?

Is your relationship awesome or it is going on well? Are you still in a position to stand the fighting anymore or you require time to be single and think about what you really want? Do you feel that he still loves you and always will be doing so? Or is it you can’t take the fighting anymore?

Do you feel good that you are not going to stay together?  Is he is the one with whom you want to spend the rest of your life? If the answer is negative, then it is high time for you to take the decision to move out.

Remember he will continue to be your child’s parent:

You might wish to keep your baby’s father out of your personal life and have any other relationship, but he will continue to be the parent of your child. His duties and rights towards the child will not cease with your break up.

You will have no other option than to keep him in your child’s life. You cannot do anything to change that. You can’t stop him from being an active father.

So better consider all points keeping in mind the welfare of your child before taking the major decision.