Should you stay beside your Spouse against All Odds?


Stay beside your souse against all oddsWhen people marry, they swear to live together “in all times, both in good and in bad.” This is an oral promise but over the period of time it is hard to follow. When a pressure develops in the family like a death incident or financial crisis or a problem regarding work or travel, it can pull a couple miles apart.

However, there are many reasons behind the failure of a marriage such as adultery, abuse, differences in opinion, etc. It is hard to determine which of the issues in a marriage need attention.

Marriage is primarily a commitment. People marry with the intention to spend the whole life together. But in the earlier times life expectancy was about 50 years but now it is nearly 80 years.

If you are not really happy with your spouse, the question is, should you stay together with your partner only for the reason that you made a commitment?

Why do people prefer to stay together?

Some people continue to stay in unhappy marriages for social or financial reasons. Sometimes they stay together as divorce is a complex process or to avoid its impact on the kids. For some people, however, divorce is something which should be the last resort.

Staying together is often very hard:

Staying with your spouse in all odd situations is one of the toughest paths to follow. But true love and the belief in the institution of marriage and family can pull couples closer while passing through tough times.

There are instances where a woman is found to stay with her husband in spite of knowing about infidelity. It is only her strength and patience which gives her the courage to stay together. The problems experienced by people as observed in many marriages have similar issues.

Modern society gives an opportunity for people to make a choice. Judgment is to be given from a variety of choices. There are many situations when  people get confused as whether to stay together or to leave.

How to make a choice?

One should understand that marriage comes with many obligations and that it is common for people to make mistakes. But couples can help themselves to work through troubles. People can go for counseling for solving their problems.

Patience and experience help them to stay together and improve the quality of their marriage. Building up trust is very important. If the foundation of marriage is strong, couples can pass out through most of the problems.

What to do in case of confrontation:

So in the moment when you are about to have a confrontation, do not attempt to prove your spouse wrong or change his opinion,  instead try to change yourself. The best to do for both of you is to maintain peace. The results are amazing. You will definitely get something more positive. Sharing a life together though being controlled by emotions is always better than fighting over small things.