Signs of trouble in your marriage

Words that may kill your marriage

9th May: Is your marriage heading towards a trouble?

Do you feel certain indicators that your married relationship is moving towards a divorce? Well, marriage is going to move towards a possible divorce if both the partners do not devote required attention as well as time towards their relationship.

Let’s see whether it’s true or not.

Signs your marriage may be over—divorce signs—

Words that may kill your marriageFollowing are the indications that your marriage might be beyond repair—

  • Uncoupled—Are you disconnected or disengaged from each other? If the answer to this question is yes, this simply means your marriage is fast-tracking towards a divorce. It could be that you and your partner are not spending time together.
  • Dreaming about divorce—If you(or your partner) happens to be dreaming about a better life after divorce, then it is almost certain that your relationship will not last longer. It could be due to an unpleasant phase in your relationship that seems to be dragging too long.
  • Keeping things to yourself—Are you keeping things to yourself and shying away from sharing your feelings with your spouse? Caution, your marriage may be over soon. Remember, communication, rather an honest and an open communication is indispensable to a healthy and a happy married life. And not feeling comfortable to communicate with your partner could jeopardize your relationship.
  • Criticism—Making derogatory remarks or conversations leading to accusations or filled with sarcasm at each other are sure signs of troubles in a marriage.
  • Body language—Body language of one or both the partners could spell bad phase in a married relationship leading towards a divorce soon. When you or your spouse feels overwhelmed with bad feelings or negativity(towards each other), then its going to close all doors for any amicable solution to the problems in a marriage. So, sudden increased blood pressure, high heart rate etc. show your marriage is not in a good phase.
  • No respect—Mutual respect is a key ingredient for a successful and a happy marriage. And lack of respect reveals the opposite. Whether its rejection or dismissal of your partner’s feelings, you need to be alert about the consequences.
  • No compromise—Marriage does mean a certain amount of compromise by both the partners. And if you or your partner is unwilling to compromise in terms of needs or wants, then your marriage is moving towards a disaster.