Sleeping together improves your relationship

Nap together

7th June: Are you facing relationship troubles? Better sleep together, says a recent study.

Sleeping together has been found to be good for health, the recent study findings assert.

We already know of the common saying that getting a good night’s sleep is beneficial for us. But, now, it would be something like sleeping with your partner helps in better relations.

Sleep together to live longer—As per a professor of psychiatry and psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, Wendy M Troxel, sleep is crucially vital health behavior having association with heart disease as well as psychiatric well-being.

Nap togetherDuring one of the studies undertaken by Troxel, it was found that single women or those having split up recently took more time to fall asleep while those in secure, long-term and stable relationships were found to be falling asleep easily. Moreover, those in secure relationships also awaked less during their sleep at night, the study findings maintain.

Sleeping together lowers stress, increase love hormone—Sleeping together is found to be a stress buster, the scientists say. In fact, it tends to lower down the stress hormone levels while promoting the love hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin is known for easing anxiety levels.

Keep cuddling—Couples urged—Couples wanting to have a good relationship must keep cuddling, stresses a sleep specialist from Michigan University. According to Dr. Beth Malow, couples suffering from sleep problems must consult a physician at the earliest so that the problem may not pose an obstacle in their sleeping together, she maintains.

Many couples decide to sleep in separate beds due to common problems like kicking, snoring etc. but, Malow cautions that this can spell troubles for their relationship. And it can be detrimental to the general health of the couple, she further affirms.

Finding it difficult to sleep together? Follow these

  • Make sleep time together—Couples must strive for getting into their bed at a common time at least a couple of times a week.
  • Getting a good mattress—Get a new mattress (that ensures to provide maximum comfort to both of you) to help bringing your love life on the track.
  • Get separate blankets—A couple sharing same bed must get their own separate blankets to avoid a tiff in the middle of the night.