Solutions to Save Your Relationship


28th April: Do you feel that your relationship is facing problems and you want to save your relationship?

Lets see some vital solutions to save a relationship from falling apart.

  • Reflect—To have a thriving and a happy relationship, you need to find out what went wrong and where. And an important point worth notable in this regard is that you or your partner need not hide any details with regard to your relationship. Only then can a relationship based on faith and trust survive and thrive.
  • Saving Your RelationshipConversation—Conversation is vital to the health and happiness of any relationship. So, take time to converse with your partner to explore the optimum potential of a healthy relationship.
  • Is your relationship worthy?—Yes, this is essential for you to know whether your relationship is really worth it or not. So, see to it whether its worth your efforts or not.
  • Money—Yes, believe it or not, but money can be a relationship problem. And its understandable that money is a delicate subject. Never hide any debt from your partner. Rather, talk openly with your partner about this subject. Moreover, in majority of relationships, one partner saves money while other is a spender. And there is nothing wrong in it. Hence, the essence is to complement each other rather than arguing over such issues.
  • Rules—Setting up some rules is vital to save a relationship. No doubt, such rules must be meant for mending and improving our relationship. One of the rules should be not to interrupt until the other person is through. Never use phrases like ‘you never do this’ or ‘you always….. ‘.
  • Problems about household chores—This is a common issue affecting many relationships these days. A good solution is in becoming organized and having clarity about the household chores to be done by you and your partner. This needs to be done in writing preferably. And household chores must be divided equally to avoid any resentment.
  • Trust—Any relationship, to survive, needs trust and faith. Hence, both the partners need to be consistent, truthful, fair in their dealings and sensitive to the feelings of each other. This does not mean you cannot disagree. Rather, be clear about your feelings and always make sure to respect the boundaries of your partner. Never be jealous and become a good listener.
  • Humor—An important point worth notable concerning any relationship is that problems are a part and parcel. Hence, we cannot escape the fact. However, we can always minimize our problems. And humor plays a vital role in doing so. Use humor and enjoy one another. Be ready to work on improving your relationship.