Some Long Distance celebrity Relationships and their impact

Long Distance Relationship


Long Distance Relationship
Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance relationships amongst celebrities are not an unheard of concept. In fact there are quite a big number of examples when a celebrity couple has stayed away from each other and could only at intervals.

There have been movies like “Going the Distance” which reflect the life of celebrity and even normal couples staying away distantly.

The examples

  • ·         Brian Mc Fadden and Delta Goodrem is one example of celebrity couple living distantly apart from each other. Both of them are singers and are bound with the professional commitments which force them to be away from each other. The couple ensures to maintain a healthy relationship even if they are miles away.
  • ·         Hillary Duff and Mike Comrie, one being hockey player has to keep moving from place to place.  The journey between LA and Canada gets too frequent for them and to maintain the same warmth they keep texting each other and find other ways to stay connected.
  • ·         Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart stay away from each other for a major chunk of time and they opine that it helps a relationship. They share that more you stay away from your partner the more you want to be with him or her and hence the relationship maintains its warmth.
  • ·         Claire Danes Hugh Dancy had to stay from each for some time. They opine that living away from each is not a good idea especially in the formative years. They suggest that couples should live together for maintain compatibility, otherwise all you land up doing is to report your daily achievements or misses to your partner.

The challenges

Celebrities have a busy schedule than the common couples. If they stay in two different places then it almost becomes impossible for them to meet on a regular basis.

As it is even those who stay in the same house or in the same city, they are unable to see each other on a regular basis because of their professional occupancy. And being present physically at two different geographic locations is another major hassle for them.

The impact

When you physically don’t get to see each other, you may become independent and the absence could become a regular part of your life. This could be dangerous when at some point in time you may have to start living day in day out with your spouse.

Celebrities have a big priority list wherein relationship with a spouse is certainly important but not the only one. Staying away could either connect the two even more deeply or could prevail the feeling of “I can do without you” as well.

However, the fear is not the only impact but a long distance could also rejuvenate your relationship when you want your partner to be with you every minute.

Long Distance celebrity relationship could be a demanding affair and could be difficult to maintain. It may snatch away the softness from a couple and could turn the relationship more practical than required.